7 months ago

We respect and appreciate all of you. Please understand that if you reach our voice mail during normal business hours this means we are either in with a sick patient, in surgery, or with a client. ... See more

7 months ago

7 months ago

Our phone are messing up....we appologize. We are working on getting it fixes. Thank u for your patience!!!

8 months ago

Found please share!!!!

8 months ago

Never forgotten. Run free Biscuit 2018.

9 months ago

Patient of the day!!! Rainy cold day just wanted to stay in his pj's.

10 months ago

Found call to identify. 405-721-6604

11 months ago
Bella SPCA

She may be tiny but her spirit is GIANT.

Orejas' leg looks terrible but the veterinary team caring for her tells us she isn't in any pain right now and as you can see, her appetite is great! Tonight ... See more

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